What is Pintica...

  • Explore

    Discover hundreds thousands of locations, whether near you or all over the world! Collect as much information such as photos, schedules or comments.

  • Prepare

    Bookmark your favorite locations and add them to your own lists to plan your next weekend or travel. Once you create your account, manage your lists as you like, there's no limit!

  • Share

    You like a place? Share it with your friends, this might also interest them. If the place does not exist, create it very simply for the benefit of the community.

Our best features

Key application features that make it essential:

  • 1 million place to explore

    A million places are already added, among the most fabulous of the planet. Feel free to make your turn benefit the community.

  • Filtering categories

    To facilitate exploration, it is possible to filter the results among 185 categories or 15 themes that include these categories.

  • Multiplateform

    Whether you rather iOS, Android or Windows Phone, the application will work perfectly! Ditto from a desktop computer or tablet.

  • Integrated search

    A search bar has been added to easily access the desired location, be it a city or monument.

  • Managing favorites

    You can mark your favorite points. This allows for easy retrieval and rank them in lists.

  • List management

    You want to manage the list of your future travel or browse public lists already shared? Nothing easier !


The team

Our team currently consists of two members.

  • Cédric Vazille

    • JQuery Mobile Interface
    • API
    • Geospatial SQL
    • KML integration
  • Rémi Garel

    • iOS & Android mobile app
    • API
    • Back-Office

They speak about us


Follow the news of the latest application on our blog. We regularly enrich the new features, new places and new categories.

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